James Lee

United Kingdom
Every Saturday from 8:00 pm
46 1614

What made you want to DJ?
As a child growing up I was frustrated with hearing gaps in between music tracks, I wanted to hear it continuous, when I realised you could do that with two identical turntables, I was fixated.

What was the first track you bought specifically to DJ with?
Johnny Jungle Part 2 – Origin Unknown Remix, back in 1994, I bought this with my first ever paper round wage.

Everybody wants to be a DJ these days. What ignites your passion to continue, despite the competitiveness within club culture?
A momentum of self drive and self satisfaction playing records and making people dance, I live and breathe it its the only way I see to do it, doing something and seeing it through, right to the end. When it comes to competitiveness, I concentrate on what I’m doing rather than slipping sideways watching others…

If you could go back in time and be involved in the club scene of any era, when would this be and why?
London Jungle scene … I started getting into clubs using a fake driving licence in 1996 and just caught the tail end of it

Who would be your dream guest on your show?
Joey Negro

If you could go B2B with any DJ on the planet, who would it be and where?
Darius Syrossian at Amnesia

What was the last tune that was stuck in your head before this interview?
Creepin in the Dark Grant Nelson remix – been stuck in my head for weeks … It just wont budge ha ha

If you could have made any of the the records you have played which one would it be and why?
Sia – Little man (Exemen Remix). I was raving 4 nights a week at the time this dropped onto London’s dance floors, it was the sheer impact this tune had, it went off proper every single time it was dropped…. Wookie made a monster of a remix there

What’s your musical guilty pleasure? – Don’t be shy ?
Jimi Hendrix

If you could only listen to the same 5 records for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Soldiers Of The Twilight – Believe
Solu Music – Fade (Grant Nelson Big Room Remix)
(UK Garage 4×4 2000) Hi Times – Journey Into Jazz E.P.
Nuyorican Soul ‎– I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4 Hero Remix)
Jimi Hendrix – Foxy Lady

Get up or Get Down?
Get Up

Too Hot or Too Cold?
Too Cold

Piano or Bassline?

Yoda or Gandalf?
kick Gandalfs arse, Yoda would. ?

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook Knows everything ha ha