Jamie Dorrington

Every Wednesday from 8:00 pm
45 65

What made you want to DJ?
Skiving school and helping out in a local record shop in leeds Choonz Worldwide at 15, watching people buzz off the records, was such a happy scene it just made me fall in love with it.

What was the first track you bought specifically to DJ with?
Rosie Gaines – I Surrender (Grant Nelson’s Club Symphony)

Everybody wants to be a DJ these days. What ignites your passion to continue, despite the competitiveness within club culture?
The love i have for Funky House n Garage music makes me want to continue Djing no matter what.

If you could go back in time and be involved in the club scene of any era, when would this be and why?
i’d have to say 1994-1998, as i was at the back end of that era and missed out on so much, the House n Garage tunes from that era inspired me to Dj

Who would be your dream guest on your show?
The bigg G , Mr Grant Nelson

If you could go B2B with any DJ on the planet, who would it be and where?
Bk2Bk with Grant Nelson in Brazil playing pure funkyness

What was the last tune that was stuck in your head before this interview?
Black Magic – Freedom (make it funky)

If you could have made any of the the records you have played which one would it be and why?
Love is what we need (Grant Nelson 96 Remix) by Livin’ Large, because to me it was such a massive vibe with a ridiculous vocal that just did it for me the first time I heard it an inspired me to do a remix of that track.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure? – Don’t be shy ?
Indie Music

If you could only listen to the same 5 records for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Love is what we need (Grant Nelson 96 Remix) – Livin’ Large
Joe Smooth – Promised Land
Black Magic – Freedom
Jasper Street & co – Prasin His Name
I Wanna Be Adored – Stone Roses

Get up or Get Down?
Get Up

Too Hot or Too Cold?
Too Hot

Piano or Bassline?

Yoda or Gandalf?

Facebook or Twitter?