Lil Joey

Devon, UK
Every Sunday from 10:00 am
4 63

From an early age there were a lot of musical influences in Joey’s life, mainly his father’s jazz collection. Being brought up on ablend of Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Duke Ellington really sculptured the way he listened to music. Jazz was not the only influence though. Throughout his home life music was everywhere.

The real love of this thing called dance music and DJing started back in the early nineties. At the age of 17 Joey pick up his first copy of DJmag and sent off some of those little reply cards trying to get more information on all things DJ related. Much to his surprise the label ‘Strictly Rhythm’ sent him a promocopy of their first vinyl album. From this moment Joey was hooked on all things house. The majority of his hard earned cash was spent weekly on the new imports and releases that could be found in his local record shop. The collection soon grew. The early days of Joey’s music choice were sculptured by the influences of Lil Louie Vega, David Morales, Junior Vasquez and Joey Negro. These guys played a big part in the style he grew to love.

Now a big jump of 15 years without DJing happens, and Joey will no doubt fill you in over a drink or two of why this gap happened. It is an interesting story, I promise you.

So we are now in up to 2003, Joey decided to go clubbing with a friend. Now this was the first time in a very, very long time. For this return to the scene, he chose to go to Hed Kandi in Birmingham. This night brought back a lot of memories and the love for dance music. The whole funkier side of house that he heard inspired him to set up his turntables and start DJing again. This time though with a new drive and determination to get that break to play out on a regular basis.

So that is where we are today. Joey has kept on pushing forward with his DJing with a lot of support from his wife and other friends. He has had successful gigs around the UK, Sweden, Ibiza, and Amsterdam playing alongside the likes of StoneBridge, Eddie Thoneik, ATFC and Thomas Gold. Lil’ Joey is now also residentDJ for StoneBridge and Friendsand Brighter Days, all alongsidehis own branded parties of Spread the Love and HouseBound.

Joey really believes that DJing is all about innovation and keeping things fresh, but at the same time making sure the crowd gets the party they deserve. Whether it soulful, funky, deep or the electro groove people seem to love at the moment, Joey is always prepared to give the crowd exactly want they want. His 6 hourand longerhouse sets have been proving he can put a smile on everyone’s face.Joey is also currently getting to grips with the remixing and producing side of things to and has already produced a couple of well received and published re-edits and remixes.