Royal Flush

Birmingham, UK
Every Wednesday from 10:00 pm
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Royal Flush consists of long time friends Ohjaye & Seanie C, the pair met through being neighbours at their parents house back in the mid 90’s. After listening to pirate radio radio stations such as passion & silk fm, the lads soon took an interest in getting into the whole idea of music especially djing, eventually getting a pair of belt drive turntables each as a Christmas gift, Experimenting with UK/US Garage Vinyl.

As you can imagine, being best friends made them very competitive towards each other, back in those days there wasn’t CD players/recorders etc so they used to record sets via cassette players and compare with each other, “you can’t mix like me” was a line dropped often lol.

As they got older they started playing on Internet radio stations such as ‘Urban Breakz’ & ‘Bassline Beatz’ the same station you would’ve found artists like ‘Chris Lorenzo’ playing on back in his teens.

As years went by, the pair grew up to become fathers and had less contact as they would have like to, the joys of fatherhood! Ohjaye carried on with his DJing getting bookings in around Birmingham and got his first international booking in Vienna (Austria) not so long ago and also studied Music Production at Access To Music in Birmingham. Sean took time out from the DJing and started cracking on with the music production side of things rapidly becoming a very fine producer to say the least.