Amsterdam, Netherlands
Every Saturday from 11:00 pm
21 55

Dutch DJ/producer S.W. (aka Stuart) was introduced to house music as a kid in the mid 80s. He preferred the more soulful side of house. Mostly from the UK, USA and Italy shortly after, who had their own Italian house sound. He started mixing house music in the early 90s alongside his other hobby: being a radio presenter at various (pirate) radio stations.

During the same period he also started producing, first on a commodore Amiga, later he switched to the well known Atari with Cubase and bought his first midi equipment during the mid 90s. When he bought his first sampler in ‘97/’98 the ball started rolling and his productions became more professional. This led to a record deal on the famous Fresh Fruit records in 1999 and shortly after with United Recordings. He had a number of releases and remixes under his (mostly) Stuart and S.W. alter-ego’s.

Under his Stuart alias, he was responsible for the European smash hit Free (Let it be) in 2003. It took until 2012 to have his first album released under his S.W. alias: “The Adventurous World of S.W.” on Lemongrass Music.

Although he quit mixing for some years, he continued his weekly radioshow “Urban Night Grooves” presenting an eclectic mix of soul, funk, house and other electronic music until 2010. It wasn’t until late 2011 when he heard a very good mix on a London radio station that he was sucked back into house music again. As a leopard can’t change its spots he recently decided to start mixing again and Urban Night Grooves returned as a radioshow, but now presenting the finest in (soulful) house and garage, often with an oldksool twist.