Sound Cartel

Raleigh, USA
Every other Sunday from 12:00 am
14 92

Marshall Jones and DJ Nugz have been involved in the House music movement for more than 20 years combined. The duo have been friends for many years and always been driven by their passion for music with a social consciousness in mind. When they joined forces in 2009, the two focused on bringing top quality music, DJs, and events to not only the global aspect, but also to their home base of North Carolina.

Marshall Jones started out in the scene in mid 99′. Just like a lot of people who are drawn in by the scene, Marshall was all about dancing and enjoying the nightlife. The more he wanted to dance, the more in depth he became with Electronic Music in general.  His thirst for the knowledge grew and that is when sought out answers through the guidance of Hotwax Harley and the Radiance group. He then began promoting for North Carolina Triangle premiere Wednesday night event. This then led to the itch that encouraged Marshall to want to play records.

Gears shifted for him by moving to Orlando in 2002. He linked up with numerous House groups and explored the Orlando nightlife and became a known element in the House community. In 2004 Marshall was granted an internship with the global known label based out of Chicago named Large Music. 2 years later, Marshall crossed paths with Ian Lee. Through their friendship, they saw that they were on the same path when it came to music. This led to the birth of them creating one of Orlando’s respected duos called Soulidified Music.

In 2008, Marshall moved to Chicago, where he took in teachings from some of the best in business. This then led him back to NC to apply everything he learned. Once he linked back up with his long time friend DJ Nugz, they became the powerful force known to many as Sound Cartel. The duo are currently holding down the longest running House music night at out of Raleigh’s premiere venue named Mosaic Wine Lounge. They have also reinvented and launched the online radio station entitled DanceGruv Radio which hosts up to 30 DJs from all over the world.

With 19 years of DJing and House Music knowledge under his belt, Marshall Jones has played with world renown artists such as Roy Davis Jr., Julius The Mad Thinker, Demarkus Lewis, Jask, Rich Medina, DJ Mes, DJ Heather, Colette, Oscar P and many more. He is forever dedicated to his team, projects and giving back to the community with the power of music. In his own words he puts it simply, “The thing that I cherish the most out of House Music is that I am not apart of a culture, but more apart of a global movement”.

DJ Nugz was born in Jamaica Queens and raised in Miami by Colombians. Son of acknowledged music professor at the Institute of Popular Culture and Dance with masters in the Conservatory of Music in Colombia, Nugz was heavily influenced by the musically rich background and Miami’s dance music renaissance- Freestyle, Miami Bass, Hip-Hop and House of the early 80s.

Nugz learned the craft from his big bro Hans and Hans’s best friend Ross. Together they formed Beats Per Minute (BPM) in the late 80’s early 90s at Cornell. Under their tutelage he learned the art of mixing the crazy flavors of the day; old school hip hop, dance hall reggae, house music and 80s new wave. DJ Nugz and BPM started filling dance-floors at the pinnacle of the NY house scene playing classic house anthem hits like Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body, Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It, Raze – Break 4 Love, Frankie Knuckles – Your Love, just to name a few.

After working the NY house scene several years and with a growing breakbeat movement coming out of his home state Florida, DJ Nugz began his journey into breakbeats. He exposed club going audiences in the Norf Cack with signature Nu-Skool, Tribal, Progressive Breaks sets. In the early 2000s DJ Nugz moved back to his hometown of Miami to pursue graphic design. Since then he has returned to the roots of House Music in the North Carolina Triangle area.

DJ Nugz is known for his fusion of Deep House, Funky House, Latin Tribal and Soulful House. DJ Nugz has played with the likes of Roy Davis Jr, Halo Varga, XL, Julius the Mad Thinker, Johnny Dangerously, Mario Romay, Jask, Deep Jus, Deamarkus Lewis, Jask, Lady D. He also has several Winter Music Conference shows in South Beach under his belt. He holds down the residency “Sultry” with his partner in crime Marshall Jones at Mosaic Wine Lounge in Raleigh NC.