South Africa
Every Thursday from 1:00 pm
271 7177
Themba can be considered a visionary in the music industry. He believes music should transcend national borders, cross generations and racial creeds. His style of DJ-ing embodies these believes.
His career as a performing artist is rooted from his early childhood dance and drumming performances, as he had a he had an ear for rhythm already at a tender age. He is known as a vivacious and bright character and conjuncts these attributes perfectly in his interaction with the live audience.
His passion for music led him to a relationship with Christos Katsaitis in the early 90ies. Themba has played for Ikwekwezi FM, South Africa on the afternoon drive show and during his stay in New Zealand for Radio Active. He graced the decks at countless clubs from South African House 22 to New Zealand’s Sandwiches.
To date Themba works for the GOGO Music record label. Under the leadership of Ralf GUM he polished his skills and therefore turned into an intoxicating DJ. Since 2015 he runs the GOGO Music booking agency B-King, too. Next to his regular club performances one can listen to his sets as well on the GOGO Music radioshow.