WTHouse Launch Party- Bless Marbella

Bless, Marbella, Spain
Saturday 16th March, 2019
Event info

It’s Finally Here –
The official launch of WHAT THE HOUSE!

We will also be celebrating the 40th birthday of Terry Hobbs (WTFunk Music Co-Founder & CEO) and the 44th Birthday of Adrian Hamilton (3FiftyPromotions).

The main event of the weekend will be on the Saturday Night at Bless Marbella with International DJ’s including Sy Sez (Soul Heaven, Defected), The Journey Men (Southport Weekender, SUNceBeat) &DJ MR cSp aka Trakia Vybz` (Vocal Booth Weekender, DE3P Radio Network & fsshmp.com) flying in to play for us, As well as local favourites, DjAntonio (Nikki Beach, Garage Nation) and DJ Tito Pulpo (SOS, Beachgrooves, La Suite)

Facebook Event Page : https://www.facebook.com/events/2226648464054489/