Back Once Again…

Daddy D3EP
By Daddy D3EP
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Hey guys,

As you may have noticed the site went dark in the early hours of Saturday 17th December.

A temporary site was installed shortly after and we have been working around the clock to get the entire thing back online ever since. Today (Wednesday the 21st) we’re finally able (and very pleased) to announce that everything is now back up and running.

Every member should have received an email to reset their account password. If you haven’t received it please check your spam folders. If you’re sure it’s not in there then you can simply click the “Forgot My Password” link on the login page and the instructions on how to reset it will be mailed to you. If you still haven’t received any emails from us please let us know in the comments below (on here or on facebook) and we’ll get you fixed up.

So what happened?

Well the long and short of it is that we were hacked and the entire website was deleted by a malicious attacker.

There are ongoing forensics attempting to trace whoever was responsible but our main priority was to get everything back online as soon as possible.

There are still a couple of functional issues regarding the site that we are aware of, so please bear with us while we iron those out. Also, anybody that uploaded a profile photo in the days leading up to the hack will have to re-upload as those files were deleted in the attack.

We have implemented strict new security measures to hopefully prevent this from happening again in the future and will also soon be serving the entire site via https too (encrypted connection).

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017!

Daddy D3EP x