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It’s that time again… This week we have hot new releases from Shane D, Neopolitan Soul, Sandy Turnbull, Alexia and Brian Tappert on remix duty. We also have a free download from Duskope, an interview with Mike Millrain as well as podcast heat chart vibes from the D3EP Fam.



R&B meets deep house in Shane D’s latest “Down” featuring soulful male vocals leading the way over a fun, energized beat that has all the qualities to make you want to dance. Shane D’s experience shows with his masterful control of the instrumental which compliments instead of fights the wonderfully layered vocal work from D. Jones.

When you’re one of the leaders in the underground house movement, you can be sure to expect quality vibes, and that’s just what Brian Tappert delivers, capturing euphoric and gospel-influenced house textures in his full-bodied remix of Rocco’s “Someday” out on Foliage Records. This one is a must-have for those anticipating the oncoming outdoor parties.

For those looking for something more sophisticated, check out the superstar collaboration of Jose Burgos, Kenny Bobien, Neapolitan Soul and Luciano Gioia with “Love Is On The Way.” Giving off the feeling you’re in a dark, smoky jazz club, this mix of “Love Is On The Way” showcases a brilliant balance between live improvisation and electronic elements, alongside a spectacular vocal performance that reaches deep into the soul.

Sandy Turnbull is all about the Caribbean sound in “Ce Spectacle” playing with many traditional instruments such as vibraphones, guitars, and an energetic ensemble of percussions. Putting you in a rhythmic trance, Sandy also incorporates various island and jungle sound in a musique concrete fashion that accentuates the atmospheres of the song with a hallucinatory spoken word to top it off.

Get in tune with your quirky side dancing along to the funky sounds of Randy Muller & Carolyn Harding and “Beautiful Feelin” with DJ Alexia on the power dub. Twisting Carolyn’s vocals into a rhythmic instrument as the chunky bass line bounces along to a thick house beat, DJ Alexia brings something both fun and uncontrollably dancey in her remix on Plaza Records.



Duskope teams up with Ultra Bass Records to give this RnB turned garage bootleg away as a free download. Combining a perfect blend of sweet harmonies with rough bass elements, Duskope represents one of the many new Canadian artists pushing their sound out to the UK Garage scene.


Getting D3EP with Mike Millrain…

Firstly, what’s your favourite Genre/Sub Genre outside of house music?
Pick any genre & you will find a handful of great records & thousands of lame, copycat, bandwagon jumping rubbish. I basically hate the worst & love the best of any given genre you could mention but… as you’re asking, it’s hard to fault anything out of the 80’s soul scene.

When working on a track in the studio what’s your favourite piece of studio equipment and why?
I sold all my hardware synths/samplers etc back in around 2005 & have since produced using only a laptop & a midi keyboard so generally not a huge fan of hardware. Aside from the MacBook Pro which is obviously indispensable, I copped some Neumann KH310 speakers earlier this year & they have been a game changer for me.

Which artists are really ‘doing it’ for you right now?
Lots of great artists out there doing good stuff but the standout for me is the hardest working man in garage, Grant (Mind Of A) Dragon.

What’s your thoughts on the Nu-skool garage artists and the ‘Garage House’ movement in 2018?
Garage House is in a great place right now, gaining increasing popularity, with a lot of very talented new producers coming through. I think the key is not to just recycle old ideas but to somehow keep it moving forward musically.

What can we look forward to on the Soul Revolution imprint this year?
Soul Revolution has some great releases in the works from Lombard Street, Joe Olindo, DJ Dyde & Martin Depp. Flashbacks Vol.3, our 3rd vinyl release is also due to come out later this year. We’re also a working on a blockchain based solution to copyright protection, piracy prevention & label branded socks.

Check out Deep ‘n’ Bumpy with Mike Millrain, every Friday night from 10pm GMT.


Podcast Heat…

Richard Earnshaw serving up the goodness with Mark Lower on the guest mix.

Nycks, our Frenchman in Australia, brings the heat with a guest mix from DJ FreakyReidy.

Framework exercises masterful control over a wide variety of genres week in and week out on his 1-hour show “Quality. Controlled.” You may never know what Framework will pull out, but we can assure you it’s quality, ranging from fun soulful tunes to bumpy naughtiness, to the more bassy genres like garage and more.


Chart Action…

Keith Harmer getting down to some bumpin tracks this month!

Paul Rags celebrating some of his favourite bangers influenced by good old UKG that are available right now. In no particular order…

Ten end of summer sizzlers from Gav to shake your behind to, in no particular order.

James Lee compiles a top 10 list that is secret weapon upon secret weapon.


Cheers for your ears and we’ll see you on our next D3EP Digest in 2 weeks time.

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