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What’s up people of the D3EP! Digest week 18 is here and packed full of aural pleasure, featuring fresh releases from Shane D, Richard Earnshaw, Ricky Inch, Good Time Federation and more. We also have a Free Download from Grant Nelson, an exclusive interview with DJ Passion who’s repping the D3EP out in Singapore, there’s also podcast heat from Andrea Fiorino, Mr CSP, Jason Hansell and chart action from S.W, Brew and Ricardo Da Rhythm.


Richard Earnshaw brings a funky fresh vibe and his soulfully pleasing signature sound featuring luscious vocals from Liz Jai.

Shane D has love on his mind with this brand new lick on Stereo Flava.

Newcomer Dj Dyde drops bumpy Garage House heat with ‘Start Over’ on Mike Millrain‘s Soul Revolution imprint.

J Paul Getto remixes Tropical Velvet’s first release and gives us chunky disco funk vibes.

Ricky Inch from Ossom Sessions remixes City Lights by Sofia Rubina and delivers a well polished, classic, soulful sounding vibe.

Chunky, Upbeat, Jackin House vibes from the ‘Good Time federation’. A new alias from an artist within the D3EP Radio Network.



Grant Nelson lets off his remix of Jill Scott – Golden on a free download!


Getting D3EP with DJ Passion…

Hot off the heels of your brilliant remix of Industry Standards “Justify”, how do you see the UKG and Garage House Scene this year?
I’m glad you like it! The original was a real favourite of mine and it was an honour to be able to put my own spin on it. To see artists that I look up to, like Scott Diaz getting behind it makes me really proud. As for the coming year, the #GarageHouse movement will definitely pick up momentum. We’ve recently seen some of the original producers make a resurgence – Todd Edwards is back with a bang, you’ve got Brian “Keys” on fire and so on. I’m hoping to see some more of the other old boys come back with a vengeance and keep going toe to toe with the new blood like Lombard Street and Fizzikx etc. Chris Mack would kill it, as would Paul and Earl from 500 Rekords although a Tuff Jam reunion might be a bridge too far.

Back in the day you played on the London circuit in the golden years of UK garage, what was your most memorable moment?
The most memorable for the wrong reasons was the time I took the needle off the wrong deck at a rave in front of a few hundred people and the MC had to bail me out by calling for a rewind! But the best for the right reasons was probably New Year’s Eve 1997 at the old Victoria Docks in London (where the Excel Centre is now). I was hired by Lords of the Underground to play the warm up but also to stay all night in case any of the big names were delayed. Sure enough, Booker T got stuck in traffic and I end up bringing in the New Year for over 2000 people! The cheer when I dropped The Theme by The Dreem Team at the end of the countdown was like I’d scored a goal at Wembley. One of those real “hairs on the back of your neck” moments. Playing the last set in the main room at The Colosseum in Vauxhall for Exposure on Millennium Day alongside Sparks and Kie when they’d just released Fly-Bi was pretty special too!

What labels for you, have really pushed on in the last 12 months?
Brian Tharme’s Bassball Records is less than a year old but is building a sense of what I felt about Nice ‘N’ Ripe back in the day, whereby when you saw they had a new release out, you just knew it was a guaranteed tune before you even heard it. Marc Cotterell is continuously taking Plastik People forward and is a big champion of the Garage House scene. There have also been some strong tracks on D-Vine Sounds this past year and Mike Millrain’s Soul Revolution is always worth a look. Oh, and of course Jeremy Sylvester keeps Urban Dubz firmly and consistently on point.

You’re from London UK, but now based in Singapore, what’s the scene like out there?
Singapore is a great place to live. We’re a modern city blessed with a climate that’s warm all year round, which means there are some great rooftop bars and beach clubs. For a country that’s a 45-minute car ride end-to-end, there’s also a surprisingly deep talent pool of local and international DJ/Producers based here. Big picture though, the underground scene is very small compared to the “bottle club” culture, as there are only so many knowledgeable clubbers to go around. That said, in the last few years I’ve played gigs here alongside the likes of EZ and Grant Nelson, and SoKo, our main Garage night (for which I’m one of the regular DJs) is about to turn 4 years old, so it’s definitely possible to keep it real. Another perk of living here is that places like Thailand and Indonesia are just a couple of hours away on a plane, so it’s easy to check out a different scene if you fancy a new experience.

What’s in store for the rest of the year with DJ Passion both production-wise and on the DJ front?
The production side is definitely picking up speed and I’ve gained some good profile off the back of “Justify”. I’m currently remixing JC Unique’s “Chase The Sun” for Unique2Rhythm and have a lot of original productions upcoming, as well as some forthcoming collaborations with some established singers from the scene back in the UK – WATCH THIS SPACE! On the DJ front, I freelance at most of the top venues in Singapore but I’ve managed to spread my reach to Bali, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur in the last couple of years and will be ticking off some more locations this year for sure. Who knows, you might just see me throw down some beats back in England this summer!

Check out Singapore Sessions with DJ Passion, every other Friday from 4pm GMT.


Podcast Heat…

Deep, soulful funky vibes from Jason Hansell.

D3EP’s very own ‘host with the most’ MR cSP delivers soulful vocals and bumpy vibes.

Soul and Funk flavours from Mr Boogaloo on Andrea Fiorino’s Mastermix.


Chart Action…

Brew’s top ten to keep the floor packed!

Ricardo Da Rhythm’s top ten stacked with plenty white labels.

S.W. picks out ten Soulful Garage House bullets.


“Keep it movin baby we be movin uh, Keep it movin baby we be movin uh” (As Roger Sanchez once famously sampled Method Man). We will back in a few weeks time with the next instalment of the D3EP Digest, stacking the heat fresh from the streets…