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Happy New Year D3EP gang! We open up 2018 with loads of fresh music that will get your new year started off on the right foot, with three must-listen podcasts, massive chart action from Brew and James Lee, a few words with house maestro Rob Hayes and a short report on Louie Vega’s record store party last week. All that and more in the first D3EP Digest of 2018.



Getting deep down dirty with some rough house vibes and a twisting soulful chord progression that will put you in a trance-like state, Stone Willis presents a fresh house track that will certainly catch the ear of those into the darker realms of house.

If you’re looking for pure soulful house with spiritual energy, look no further than the Reelsoul Remix of Neapolitan Soul & Chanelle’s “Do What We Have To Do.” Absolutely crushing vocals is Chanelle providing the gospel fueled melodies while Reelsoul takes the instrumental for a driving, feel-good house sound with tasteful chord modulations; a sound that has made Quantize one of the leading curators of the modern soul sound.

Many of us are feeling the blues of the cold, cloudy weather in winter, but not Moon Rocket, in his remix of Ricky Inch & Nat Mor’s “Yourself,” which is wholesome uplifting energy, mixing latin piano sounds with a driving funk sound and soulful elements that will get the crowd moving and grooving.

An international collaboration reaching across thousands of miles comes together in a perfect balance of atmospheric breakdowns and heavy rolling bass lines with Cup & String’s “Play With My Mind.” This is one of those songs that you can instantly feel the bass flowing through you, causing an instant sensation to dance, only to open up with blissful synths giving you a moment to breath before hitting you hard again with bumpy rhythm sections, mixed perfectly in yet another quality release from the duo Cup & String.


Louie Vega’s White Label Jam @ Phonica Records, Soho, London

By Agent D3EP
The musical sauna with cool headed Latino heat!

It was so good to witness a masterclass in skilled vinyl spinning from the Grammy nominated and firm soulful house favourite DJ, producer & remixer Louie Vega. There’s no doubt to anyone at the Phonica store or listening in on the numerous Facebook live feeds on the night, that they were listening to the accomplished signature sound of Vega Records.

The limited edition White Label 5 pack has unreleased material from Louie Vega & Joe Claussell, E.O.L and newcomers Disco Space babies & funky cadets meant you had no doubt in purchasing historic pieces of beautiful music that only someone of Louie’s calibre is able to produce. Like a trained composer but that of one from many lonely, dark and long nights in the studio without the guidance or feedback of audience participation to rely on.

The track that created the most buzz on the night contains the vocals of the late Luther Vandross and is penned for release April/May of this year. After Dance, you couldn’t imagine Louie had more in him to give to the soulful scene, but trust me on this, Louie is only getting started. I have no doubt more heavyweight productions and remixes are on their way. Inspiring a path for other true House producers to follow.

Many thanks to the talented Colin Williams @creatingwinners for the image permission.


Getting D3EP with Rob Hayes…

Looking back to last year, how was your 2017?
2017 was a relatively quiet year for me really, I guess we all need a little downtime now and again.

Any big plans for 2018?
Yes ! 2018 will see the return of me DJing out, I have just upgraded my DJ rig and I’m ready to roll 🙂 I also plan to get a few new tracks out as I go too.

You pump out quality productions at great speed. What advice can you give to producers to be more effective with their time making music?
For me personally, the hardest part of producing is the actual getting into studio mode and making it happen, lucky for me, my studio setup is in my front room, so when i feel inspired I can just jump on and sketch out ideas in Bitwig.
My advice to approaching production is, have a good idea of what you would like to achieve before you even switch your DAW on. Have a think about what you want to get out of your session and how to make the most of your time while sat in the hot seat.

When compiling your sets and mixes, what characteristics do you look for in a song?
I’m very mood lead when I DJ, hence why I called my radio show on d3ep ‘Mixed Bag Sessions’. I like to play a bit of everything, but In terms of characteristics of a track .. I guess I look for quality clean productions and good hooks. After all, it’s Dance music, right?

What’s your favourite Genre/Subgenre that you don’t necessarily play?
I love a bit of Techno and Drum ‘n’ Bass. But I don’t play that stuff out much.

Catch Rob Hayes live here on D3EP every Tuesday evening from 10PM.


Podcast Heat…

Jamie Dorrington shows his experience and excellent selection with both new and old school garage, blending a perfect mix of modern and classic sounds in his House & Garage Sessions. From 2-step to 4 on the floor, Jamie dives deep into his collection to create an eclectic fusion of proper house and garage cuts that will appeal to audiences from all eras.

Piano filled grooves and inspiring vocal house music is what you’ll find and more in Kenny Jaeger’s “The Filter”, putting years of experience in the house scene to work in a 2 hour program filled to the brim with some of the best in soulful house inspired by R&B and soul classics from the 70’s and 80’s.


Chart Action…

D3EP from Detroit, Brew presents 10 slammin’ soul bits chock full of chunky beats, sexy vocals, and rich soulful keys that perfectly sum up what you can expect on Brew’s “Gruv House” every Monday at midnight.

10 of the best modern produced ‘Garage House’ tracks of 2017/2018 handpicked and compiled by James Lee. Catch James Lee Saturdays at 8pm GMT.

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