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Back with an all new D3EP Digest providing you with the finest underground music including a fresh batch of house remixes from the D3EP family as well as a free download from DJ Wisk & AllGood for the garage crew. Royal Flush joins us for a chat about their latest release and if that wasn’t enough for you, make sure to check our hand picked selection of the hottest podcasts on the station this month.



Rob Hayes puts his silky smooth touch to “Live Your Life” from The French House Mafia with Diva Avari on the vocals. Adding just the right amount of piano, funky electric bass, and organic percussions, Rob provides the uplifting energy and groove that will get your feet tapping.

Stripping down the original to a deeper, darker mix, AM2PM throws out the piano and brings in the organ to supply a moody rework of Stephen Nicholls’ “Skies The Limit.” Complete with epic strings and breakbeat sections, AM2PM proves once again they know how to orchestrate a proper modern house banger.

You may have heard this before, but nothing like this Hot Toddy remix of Seamus Haji‘s classic “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.” Reinventing this house anthem into an moody yet tense style that is constantly building in anticipation, Hot Toddy completes it with all of his 80’s inspired instrumentation that has made him a class act among producers, and a perfect choice to give this one a proper revamp.

As the title suggests, J Paul Getto knows how to funk as heard in his latest remix out on Guesthouse. Taking the original mix from Lupe Fuentes & Level Groove, J Paul pushes the funk and turns it up to 11 with a chunky groove complete with some raunchy guitar and horn loops and a fun spoken word. Watch out, this one brings some serious heat!



Deep dark grimey 2 step Garage vibes from Wisk and Dave AllGood H.


Getting D3EP with Royal Flush…

You have been busy in the studio of late! Your latest release ‘Skin EP’ just came out on Downplay. How did that come about?
Andy (Slime Recordings) approached us on SoundCloud a few months back asking if we had any unreleased material that we would be interested in dropping on their New sister label (DownPlay) so first we sent him ‘Skin’, he was feeling the Vibes on that, and asked if we had any more tracks that we could include to make a 3 track E.P. ‘Got Myself Together’ & ‘Hold Me Down’ being the other 2 tracks to feature on it.

Any other releases in the pipeline?
We’ve got a single called ‘Energy’ which is due to be released on Ultra Bass Records 26th of February as part of their winter sampler which has got some other amazing artists featured. Apart from that we haven’t got any release dates we can share with anyone at this time but, we can promise that there will be a lot more coming from us this year.

Working as both DJs and producers, do you divide up the tasks or is it a full collaboration all the way through?
100% full collaboration, we both started DJing in the 90’s as best mates! We literally learnt all the basics together, and the same has remained over the years in terms of music production etc.

When DJing as a duo, how do you make sure you work off each other instead of against each other when it comes to song selection and mixing?
To be honest most of our live sets are pretty much planned before we start with the odd one or two changes whilst actually playing, we discuss what tracks to put on certain a playlist for a certain set, we do tend to talk a lot during sets about who’s gonna play what next!

Do you prefer DJing on radio or DJing live at a venue and why?
Have to give a split decision on this! No one likes playing to an empty club & we’d like to think no one likes playing radio to no listeners haha! Although we will say on radio you seem to be able to switch up the vibes a bit more violently than you could in a venue! experimental vibes!


Podcast Heat…

Long time representative of house and garage, Mike Millrain kicks it off with some deep and lush house with a touch of soul and then ramping it up to some downright bumpy business in the second half of the show. The name of the show says it all, and it never disappoints. LISTEN HERE

Filled with some absolutely beauties, Knox curates one hour packed with some sexy soulful house as well as some mellow selections scattered throughout. Those who like a touch of gospel would do well to check out Knox’s latest episode of “New York Deep & Soulful.” LISTEN HERE

Braaks brilliantly represents the sound of the underground with his Rhythm Addiction every Friday night. Braaks teams up with badman James Lee in his latest episode, turning into an epic slugfest as they plunge right into the heavy stuff. If you have neighbors, they’ll certainly feel this episode as it pounds from start to finish with some big house tuneage. Naughty! LISTEN HERE


Chart Action…

Plenty of rhythms selected by the the man like Ricardo around to make your February less dry!

DJ Rao delivers his 10 favourite deliciously soulful house tracks with a few funky numbers in between.


Cheers for your ears and we’ll see you on our next D3EP Digest. 

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