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This was a #1 Podcast in July 2018


“Across the stars” is a weekly radio show broadcasted live from the heart of Bulgaria and representing our love for beautiful music and dwelling into the wide range of underground deep, soulful & garage beats. 

– Noah Petersen – Translucent – Gents & Dandy’s Records
– Gaol – Deep n’ Soul – Sub_Urban
– Das Carma – Right By Your Side – Sub_Urban
– Sinan Kaya – Amorer – Pogo House Records
– Q Narongwate – Everybody /Studioheist Remix/ – Sub_Urban
– ChicOlindo – I Am Free /Leandro Di Remix/ – Smashing Trax Records
– 4Tek – Whoop Whoop – Swing & Jam Records
– Dick Sant – I Feel It – Pogo House Records
– Munky Fike – Teach Me – Smashing Trax Records
– Clement Spark – Ezcape – Smashing Trax Records
– Lavvy Levan – Get Up In My Bones – Friday Fox Recordings
– Alex Aguayo – 90AA – Pogo House Records

It is aired live from our studio every Sunday at 17:00UK/19:00BG at www.d3ep.com/show/across-the-stars

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