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Catch the next episode of Across The Stars LIVE on Sunday 24th January


“Across the stars” is a weekly radioshow broadcasted live from the heart of Bulgaria and representing our love for beautiful music and dwelling into the wide range of underground deep and soulful beats. 

  • Metropolitan Jazz Affair – Drifting /Guri 2018 Edit/ – Sub_Urban
  • Janevski – Little Lovin – Seventy Four Digital
  • Khillaudio – Swingin’ Times /Sebb Junior Remix/ – Gents & Dandy’s Records
  • Christian Arno – That Car – Piff Trax
  • Melodymann – Cold G – Groove Is Our Business
  • Din Jay – Who’s Gonna Save Me – Swing & Jam Records
  • Arie Mando – The Strings – Smashing Trax Records
  • Derrick Da House – Sweet Chocolate – Pogo House Records
  • T.E Project – Vision – Smashing Trax Records
  • Soul Jacka – Back In The Gap – Pogo House Records
  • Martin Depp – Save Me /Fizzikx Remix/ – Swing & Jam Records
  • Christian B & Lavvy Levan – Sunshine In My Mind /Booker T Vocal Remix/ – Friday Fox Recordings
  • Groove Assassin – Baby Baby – Things May Change!

It is aired live from our studio every Sunday at 17:00UK/19:00BG at www.d3ep.com/show/across-the-stars

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