Across The Stars (20/01/19)
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“Across the stars” is a weekly radio show streaming live from the heart of Bulgaria and representing our love for beautiful music and dwelling into the wide range of underground deep, soulful & garage beats.

  1. Nuno (SEA) – Watu Wetu – Our Favourite Mood
  2. Mastercris feat. Jules Gabriel – Fantasize (Fallou Remix) – Myriad Black Records
  3. Lovebirds feat. Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul – Winding Road Records
  4. Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle – I’ll Take You There (Director’s Cut Classic Signature Mix) – Nocturnal Grooves
  5. 4Tek – Feel Good – Swing & Jam Records
  6. JR From Dallas – Chords Of Soul – Myriad Black Records
  7. Todd Terry & Junior Sanchez – Figure Of Jazz – Freeze Records
  8. Chris Geldard – Saxploitation – Pogo House Records
  9. Charles Jay – I’m Dreaming (4×4 Bump Flex Mix) – Promo
  10. BKT – Where We Are (B’s Jazz Tip) – Bassline Records
  11. Raw Instinct – De La Bass (Snazzy Trax Reminiscing Dub) – Snazzy Traxx
  12. DAN.K – Hey Hey – RaMbunktious

It is airing live from our studio every Sunday at 17:00UK/19:00BG at

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