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Catch the next episode of Across The Stars LIVE on Sunday 22nd September


“Across the stars” is a weekly radioshow broadcasted live from the heart of Bulgaria and representing our love for beautiful music and dwelling into the wide range of underground deep and soulful beats. 

Mood II Swing – Can’t Get Away From You /Blaze Shrine Vocal Mix/ – Bargrooves

Rhemi & Alex Mills – Back To The One – Rhemi Music

Blind Colors feat Melonie Daniels Walker – Found Love /David Morales Classic Mix/ – Def Mix

Crackazat – What You’re Feeling – Z Records

Dave Anthony feat. Lisa Millet – This Time Baby /Classic Disco Mix/ – Quantize

Diana Ross – Call The Doctor /Dr.Packer Edit/ – Editorial

Groove Assassin – Baby Baby – Things May Change!

Seb Skalski feat Jennifer Lopez – Play /Andrea Fiorino Wants TO Play With Jlo Mash/ – Promo

Eli Escobar – Seein You /Richard Earnshaw Remix/ – Papa

Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco feat. Michelle Weeks – Where Do We Go /Michele Chiavarini Remix/ – Quantize

It is aired live from our studio every sunday at 17:00UK/19:00BG at www.d3ep.com/show/across-the-stars

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