Da Rhythm Sessions (09/07/19)
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This was a #1 Podcast in July 2019


1. Heat Alliance – Everything (Original Mix) [Closer To Truth]
2. Carlo – Lottus [Neovinyl]
3. Danny J Lewis – Feel The Rhythm [Plastik People Recordings]
4. T. Jacques – Velocity [House Puff Records]
5. Cinthie – Good For You And Me [Beste Modus]
6. Mike Millrain – I Can Show You [Soul Revolution Records]
7. Lombard Street – Deep Trouble [Snazzy Traxx]
8. Cab Drivers – Spaceship [Cabinet Records]
9. CJ Reign & EZ Target – My Desire (Martin Depp The Nest Dalston Mix) [Pogo House Records]
10.M. Hawkes & J. Lidell – We Should Be Free (Hawkes Dub) [Houndstooth]
11.Grant Nelson – In The Dark [Swing City Records]
12.Leo Gitelman – Mood [Stay Groove Records]
13.Jizz – 94’s [Pogo House Records]
14.Mike Sharon – Give Your Love [Traxx Underground]
15.Club Of Jacks – Need Your Loving [Club of Jacks]