Da Rhythm Sessions (26/11/19)
108 21 20
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This was a #1 Podcast in December 2019


1. Insatiable feat. Mone – Your Love [Big Big Trax]
2. UC BeatzĀ – Broken Idyll [Razor-N-Tape]
3. Arthur Jnr – Slippin [Neovinyl Recordings]
4. DJ Steaw – Rue D’hauteville [Rutilance Recordings]
5. Intr0beatz – On My Mind [Fantastic Voyage]
6. Daft Punk – Around The World (MAW Mellow Dub) [MAW Records]
7. Hotevilla ft. Javonntte – If I Told You (Dub Mix) [Closer To Truth]
8. Detroit Swindle – The Make Up [Heist Recordings]
9. Jay Shaw – Need U [Rutilance Recordings]
10.Malin Genie – Noc [Tomorrow Is Now Kid]
11.Mr. V – Just Dance (Cosmic Ritual Dub) [Vega Records]
12.Diego Krause – Gratitude [Beste Modus]
13.Da Mob Ft. Jocelyn Brown – It’s All Good (Instrumental Mix) [Subliminal]
14.Nu Era – Closer to Mars [Omniverse Records]