Da Rhythm Sessions (29/01/19)
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1. Sergiusz – Road To Nowhere [Pogo House Records]
2. Jovonn – The Masterz feat. DJ Steaw [Body ‘N’ Deep]
3. B From E – Sorry Dexter [Traxx Underground]
4. RIP Productions – Mellow Works [Ice Cream Records]
5. Kerri Chandler – It’s You [King Street]
6. Lara Makour – Blue Mood [Rutilance Recordings]
7. Intr0beatz – Mystery Ride [Lagaffe Tales]
8. Jazzyvibe – Shake Dat All Nite Long [Smashing Trax Records]
9. Smack Feat. Colonel Abrams – As Quiet As It’s Kept [Soul Creation]
10.Stefano Esposito – Nothing Else [Made Fresh Daily]
11.Jean Jerome – The Warning (Heat Alliance Mix) 
12.Chris Stussy – Cabinet Case [House Puff Records]
13.Stevn Aint Leavn – Dread [Quality Vibe Records]
14.Dem 2 – Got More Feelin’ [New York Soundclash Records]
15.Homero G – Feelin’ Understood [Inner Sunset Recordings]
16.Ketraj – Odyssey [Rutilance Recordings]