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Catch the next episode of Electronic Soul LIVE on Wednesday 6th February


  1. Cafe 432 feat Arnold Jarvis-From Above(Extended Classic Club Mix) (Soundstate)
  2. Lenny Fontana & Alison Limerick-Bye Bye(Phats & Small Extended Disco Remix) (Karmic Power)
  3. COEO-Mydonna(Alternate Cut) (Toy Tonics)
  4. Ridney & Terri B! Ft Toddi Reed-What Can I Do(Rise Up) (Deeptrak Dub) (Pukka Up Deep)
  5. Angelo Ferreri-I’m Talking To You (Soulfuric Trax)
  6. Serge Funk-Can’t Get Enough (Groove Culture)
  7. Jay Hansell-Paradox (MuthaFunkerz)
  8. Nobody Else-Arabic (MuthaFunkerz)
  9. Richy Ahmed-Can’t Stop Us (Four Thirty Two)
  10. Waitz-Down To The Underground (NastyFunk)
  11. Sandy Turnbull-Tell Me (Galleria)