New York Deep and Soulful (16/01/21)
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00 – next ex – agency – Knox remix
01 – your light – lava levan, groove assassin, Christian b
02 – president house- die phi us mix- Roland Clark-urban soul-diephius
03- am I on your mind-ricHard Harrington remix-redscope ft Vicky Jackson
04 – far away place – tens ale remix-xinobi
05-happy people ft Byron stingily-extended mix-wh0
06-you want me back-pagans soulful remix-Barbara Tucker
08-tonight – club mix-next door But one
09-rise up-Vanessa freeman-Rhemi
10-grateful ft Jackie gorge-tweaked mix-yam who & jeagarose-Jackie George
11-finger food-Benin benassi
12-big ol house-Christian b
13- second chance-Danny Clark-opolopo-Danny Clark-jay Bentham-jocyln Matheu
14-turn it up Knox and Wozniak
15 -clap your hands-Kevin Sylvester-Lee Wilson
16-can’t get enough-Sergei funk
17 – missing you-will Dawson-Schniece.
18 -what you want-for j Paul ghetto-2017 remix-Kevin McKay
19 -music owns me-disco town-Emory Taylor
20 -fire funk mix-sandy Rivera and laroyes fire funk. Mix-Kot-April morGan-Sandy Rivera-
21-8 letters David penn remix-Holmes Ives-Avalon frost
22-wanna give it up-full intention remix-Ralph Rosario-Linda Clifford-full intention
23-Dont never change-Dwayne Maynard-v tami Nelson
24-you stay on my mind-Cuba’s Dan
25-garage rub-Dominic bullock
26-that’s funky pt 2-Scott diaz-
27-just a little bit of love-Roy Davis jr-Terry dexter-Jan peinkowski-fade