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Catch the next episode of Ossom Sessions LIVE on Thursday 27th February


1. E45FIPI (Original Mix)by DJ Lettuce
2. Lovely Secret (Original Mix)by Janefondas
3. Funny How (Raw Dub)by Twolegs
4. All The Way (Original Mix)by Colman Buckley
5. Mood (Booker T Soulful Mix)by July
6. Reiga (Kyka Remix)by Taran & Lomov
7. Make Me (Original Mix)by Hamza
8. In Favour (Original Mix)by Cleanfield
9. Waiting For You (Original Mix)by Soulcool
10. B Side Dub (Original Mix)by Johnny Ro & Kosta Kritikos
11. I Want To Be There (Original Mix)by DJ Heure