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1. Konect (Original Mix) by Maksy
2. Kangaroo (Original Mix) by Akio Imai & Heizo Murakami & Leg Jazz
3. Overdose (Original Mix) by Moodymanc
4. What Ya Gonna Do? (Intr0beatz Remix) by X Gets The Crest
5. Mahajanga (Original Mix) by Yohan Esprada
6. Sophisticated (The Messenger Remix) by Matt Correa
7. Madrhood (Original Mix) by Yan Gordo
8. Awaked Future (Club Version) by Magnus Asperg feat. Renate
9. Law Of The Worlds (Spiritual Blessings Following The Law Remix) by QuestionmarQ
10. Formes (Original Mix) by Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie