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1. Afro Synth (Booker T Edit) by Dwongo & DJ Rob Blake
2. Start It Up (Chez Damier Vocal Chant Remix) by Erefaan Pearce
3. How Deep (Groove Assassin Classic Remix) by Johnny Dangerous
4. Digital Cousciousness (Original Mix) by Rishi K
5. Everybody Wants To Party (Aldo Bergamasco Mix Instrumental) by Sergio D´Angelo & Aldo Bergamasco feat. D´Layna
6. With It (Original Mix) by T.Williams & James Jacob
7. Give It (Original Mix) by Tito Mazzetta
8. Doble (Original Mix) by Nachtbraker
9. It’s A Shame (Rightside Remix) by Alex Millet feat. Cinnamon Brown
10. Sublimely Relieved (Cuban Linx Remix) by Tripmastaz
11. First (Original Mix) by Mick Thammer