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1. Universal (Original Mix)by Mick Verma
2. Love Me (Originl Mix)by Juan Hoerni
3. Time Machine (Scott Diaz Remix)by Jay Barrett
4. The Moon Track (Dub Mix)by Finest Wear & Jon Delerious
5. Step Into A Groove (Forteba Alternative Remix)by Homero Espinosa
6. Intention (Via Lsd-25)(Alexkid Remix)by Noel Jackson
7. Reach Out (Original Mix)by DJ Steaw
8. Life Is (Original Mix)by Crackazat
9. U Gonna (Original Mix)by Reelsoul
10. Angies Berceuse (Galactic Soul Brothers Mix)by Hilario V
11. My Religion (Original Mix)by Mick Verma