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1. Le Disco Chic (Ossom Sessions Bootleg) by Lifelike pres. French House Mafia
2. HSPTL (Original Mix) by QuestionmarQ
3. Special (Original Mix) by Nacho Marco
4. Drifted (Original Mix) by Steve Cook
5. Yeah yeah Ye (Original Mix) by Richard Les Crees
6. Autumn Walk (Original Mix) by Helly Larson
7. Mouzone (Original Mix) by Firejose
8. Junki Chord (Original Mix) by Disco Ball’z
9. Laid Back (Original Mix) by Gregory Dub & Ufuk K
10. Depaysement (Alvaro Ernesto Remix) by Hunter Williams
11. I Feel Loved (Ashley Beedle Vox Mix) by Rony Breaker feat. Jay Sebag