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1. Happy (Original Mix) by Zona
2. Live Your Life (Gruv Basement Instrumental) by DJ SGZ feat. Julie Iwheta
3. Dakini (Original Mix) by Hamza
4. Ambition (Original Mix) by Kreature
5. A Basement A Red Light And A Free Line (Original Mix) by Local Group
6. Recourse (Original Mix) by MANIK feat. Cari Golden
7. Get Up, Get Down (Original Mix) by Mick Verma
8. The Ascent (Original Mix) by OUER
9. Make The World Go House (Vocal Mix) by Cozzy D feat. Roland Clark
10. The Beat (Original Mix) by Jack LaLanne
11. When You Feel What Love Has (TWISM & B3RAO-HERITAGE Remix) by Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train