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1. Le Disco Chic (Original Mix) by French House Mafia
2. Montana (Original Mix) by Akio Imai & Shingo Akamine
3. Call Me On The Weekend (Original Mix) by Brookside Chase
4. Morning Cake And Tea (Original Mix) by Igor Gonya
5. Hamm Jazz (Original Mix) by DJ Simi
6. High On Love (Original Mix) by HDSN & Andy Roda feat. Martin Eyerer
7. Take It Easy (Original Mix) by Yan Gordo
8. Say 2U (John Stuart Remix) by Lion Gonzalez
9. Motel (Homero Espinosa Remix) by Alvaro Ernesto
10. Celestial Lightsaber (Original Mix) by Craig Stewart
11. You Love (Original Mix) by ThomChris