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1. Booty Call (Original Mix) by Jazzy Eyewear
2. Til The Sun Goes Down (Original Mix) by Q Narongwate
3. Broken (Berger & Young Remix) by Roberto Rodriguez
4. After Comiskey Park (Original Mix) by Sandy Turnbull
5. Awake (Mike Millrain Remix) by State Unknown feat. Luke Towler
6. Somethin’ Wit Jazz (Jimpster Remix) by Mr.V
7. The Well (Tyrone Francis BNY Remix) by Gianluca Pighi & Massimo Paramour feat. Ahmad Larnes
8. You’re Special (Abicah Soul Remix) by Soul Creation feat. Stephanie Cooke
9. Ascending (Original Mix) by Hanna
10. Real Love (Real Dub Mix) by Mark Funk & Danny Cruz