Ossom Sessions (29/10/20)
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1. Lexx – State of Resilience (Original Mix) Lexx Music
2. Lexx – The Quest (Original Mix) Lexx Music
3. Mario Acquaviva – Notturno Italiano (Ron Trent Remix) Mother Tongue Records
4. Dan Kye – Rainbow Road (Original Mix) Rhythm Section International
5. Fred P – Ostbahnhof Dub (Original Mix) Perpetual Sound
6. Ben Hauke – Top It Off (Original Mix) Feedasoul Records
7. West Coast Swingaz – I Wanna Lose My Mind (Original Mix) Delve Deeper Recordings
8. Scott Grooves – It Doesn’t All Have To Be Techy (Original Mix) Natural Midi
9. Soul Groove – Ashburnham Jazz (Original Mix) Feedasoul Records
10. LADYMONIX – Gonna Let (Original Mix) FRIZNER ELECTRIC
11. Posada – Des Nudo (Original Mix) Inregistrari Interplanetare