Spread The Love (03/05/20)
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1     Ralf Gum feat. Ayanda Jiya – Dancing (Original Mix)

2     Derrick Flair – I’ve Been Waiting (Volans Soulful Mix)

3     Avery Fern – Fabulous (Vocal Soul Mix)

4     Deepconsoul, Maq D – Invincible (Original Mix)

5     Two Jazz Project – Give Me The Light (Love At First Sight) (Tom Funk Golden Remix)

6     Buried King – I Can’t Let You (Extended Mix)

7     Danilo Braca – Oh My Lord (Afrikanz On Marz ‘Trane Chant Danyb Piano Reprise)

8     Ralf Gum feat. Kafele – Dreamstate (Original Mix)

9     Takashi Kurosawa & Ken Nishimura – Change My Mind (Iriso Mix)

10    Ralf Gum feat. Bongi Mvuyana – Used To Be (Original Mix)

11    Myles Bigelow, OVEOUS, Orlando ‘Maraca’ Valle – Orisha Scat (Original Mix)

12    The Groovin Beats Ensemble feat. Robert Owens – Let Me Help You (Groovin Deep ReDub)

13    Gillman 30 min Guest Mix

14    Karla Brown & Manjit – Come Into My Life (Extended Mix)

15    Deepconsoul, Thabiso, Ngasii – Crush (Original Mix)

16    Marc Cotterell feat. Anthony Levaltier – So In Love With You (Chujo Remix)

17    Groove Assassin – Good Ol’ Lovin’ (Original Mix)

18    Wil Milton, Rodney Carter – Find Your Way (BLISS NYC Instrumental Mix)

19    Deepconsoul, Dindy – I’m Blessed (Original Mix)