Spread The Love (26/04/20)
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1     Soul Des Jaguar – Forgive Myself (Original Mix)

2     Reel People – Thinking About Your Love (feat. Omar) (Da Brownie Remix)

3     Damaged Goods – Holy Spirit (Soulful Mix)

4     Perfection – Intuition (Original Mix)

5     Mind State, Natalie Wood – One Night (Original Mix)

6     Morttimer Snerd III – The Music’s Bumpin’, Right? (Bumpstrumental)

7     Sofia Rubina, Rightside, Mark Di Meo – Dimension (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Remix)

8     Kings Of Tomorrow, Penelope Calloway – Strong Enough (Kings Of Tomorrow Classic Mix Extended)

9     Maddocks, Ras Vadah, DJ SGZ – Keep On Movin (Cafrodeep Instrumental Remix)

10    X Gets The Crest – Do Me So Bad (Groove Assassin Remix)

11    Riggs & Ashburton – Makes Me High (Original Mix)

12    Twism, Tom Novy, Tommie Cotton, Wavy Dot. – The Funk Soul Brother (Twism & Wavy Dot. 2020 Soulafied Remix)

13    Dana Weaver, DJ Pope, Mark Francis – I Wonder (Mark Francis 201 Remix)

14    Barbara Tucker, Zhana, Teddy Douglas – You Can Do It (Teddy’s Main Mix)

15    Demarkus Lewis – Past Due (Fizzikx Remix)

16    Michelle Weeks, Genetic Funk – Love Life (Michele Chiavarini Remix)

17    Soulful Session, JJ – Secret Passion (Pat Bedeau Remix)

18    The Groovin’ Beats Ensemble, Robert Owens – Let Me Help You (Reelsoul Space Lab Remix)

19    Roy Ayers – I Am Your Mind (Mr. V 2020 Sole Channel Remix)

20    Tobetsa Lamola – Skinny Deep (Original Mix)

21    Chynaah Doll – I Hear The Rain (Joeflame Remix)