The House That Amethyst Mixed (30/11/20)
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This was a #1 Podcast in December 2020


01 My Side (Original Mix) = Brock Edwards Pogo House Recoreds

02 Falling (Booker T Kings Of Soul) = S.e.l Bryan Chambers Booker T

03 Jumpin 94 (Original Mix) = Marc Cotterell 

04 Luv Dancin  (feat Jasmine) = Underground Solution

05 Overcome (Original Mix) = Breezing Soul 

06 By Myself (Original Mix) = HolloH Pogo House Recoreds

07 Level Up (Oringinal Mix) = Rico Tubbs

08 Hold Me (Original Mix) = Caldera Bunnle N Twist Recored

09 Get Together (Orginal Mix) Ed Guesto Dj Face

10 Feel Love (Original Mix) Duskope

11 Show You Something (Original Mix) = Phonetix Final Cutt Collective 

12 I’m Surprise (Studioheist Remix) = Angelo Ferreri Studioheist 

13 Grow Up (Kako Garage Remix) = Soul to Sound 

14 My Love For (You Original Mix) = Sean Bartana Bubble N Twist Recoreds 

15 Searchin 4 (Original Mix) =  Lucid Grooves Smashing Trax Recoreds

16 There’s Always The (Sun Extended Mix) = Sebb Junior

17 Dance With Me (Original Mix) = Divided Nation Soulful Evolution

18 You don’t Know (Original Mix) = South West Seven Music

19 If  You Want (Art Of Tone Remix) = South West Seven Art Of Tone

20 Rise (Groove Synergy Remix) = Trade Pogo House Recored

21 In Da House (Original Mix) = Filta Freqz

22 Goodbye (Original Mix) + Chilli Nlace Venessa Jackson 

23 Hey Now (Mr KG Soul Remix) = Therd Suspect Venessa Jackson 

24 Summer in Love  (Soulbrdge 2020 Mix) = Dj Le Baron Tommie Cotton Soulbridge

25 Your Warning (Original Mix) Sheree Hicks JD Deep Soul Syndicate Chic Soul Music